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Posted by Rick Wakefield on 03 April 2024

As a leading provider of Managed Connectivity Services and a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Semtech oversees the secure operation of a complex critical infrastructure platform relied on by customers around the world. With customers relying on connectivity to maintain data communications with endpoints ranging from critical infrastructure, to mobile-connectivity for first responders, to border-crossing cargo shipments that require asset tracking our teams take this responsibility seriously. We are proud to share some insight into some of the key measures we take to keep our customers safe, secure, and connected, as well as how those measures fit into our broader strategy. First, some background. 

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Posted by Carlo Tinella, Karl Muster on 02 April 2024

The LoRa® Corecell Full-Duplex gateway reference design (SX1302CFD915W1-X and SX1302CFD490GW1) is a highly integrated indoor and outdoor gateway solution designed for applications requiring intense downlink activities in the U.S. 915MHz ISM band or China 490MHz band.

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Posted by Eva Laviolette on 27 March 2024

When we talk about our AirLink® Pro Router solutions, like the brand-new AirLink® XR60 (a.k.a the smallest rugged 5G router*), we keep bumping into this word: "rugged".  
But why does it matter? Why is being 'rugged' crucial for mission-critical applications? And what exactly does a router need to do or be to earn this “rugged” badge?  

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Posted by Tim Adams on 20 March 2024

We’ve all seen the explosion of USB capability since USB 3.1 was released: using USB for network, power in and out, to connect displays and supporting adapters that do just about anything except brew your coffee. Laptops with no Ethernet ports are now common, with some only featuring USB-C ports. Store shelves (brick and mortar or virtual) are lined with adapters. Cellular routers, too, are part of this shift, with advanced models like Semtech’s AirLink® XR series featuring USB-C ports.  
In this blog, we delve into the potential uses of the USB-C port on Semtech’s AirLink® XR series of Pro routers. 

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Posted by Cossette Palomino on 14 March 2024

We are pleased to announce that Semtech has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Competency status in the category of Technology for Edge. This designation recognizes Semtech’s cloud capabilities and demonstrates the company’s expertise in building innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 

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Posted by Greg Dunn on 13 March 2024

In today's hyper-connected world, ensuring the security and efficiency of your network is paramount. Yet, this is not a simple, one-and-done assignment. Security is an ever-changing landscape; constantly evolving as new threats emerge and new security patches and standards are released. 

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Posted by Anindita Bhattacharya on 23 February 2024

Picture bustling factories filled not with massive, outdated machines but with streamlined, efficient counterparts: robots darting around, intricate sensors overseeing every process, and data seamlessly flowing for real-time control. To tackle the challenges posed by critical industrial environments, engineers actively seek integrated circuits (ICs) housed in semiconductor packages known for their resilience and reliability. These packages must demonstrate exceptional thermal and mechanical durability and robust electrical performance under demanding conditions, ensuring optimal functionality and prolonged system life.

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Posted by David Manuel on 20 February 2024

Thinking of upgrading to a 5G router? You may be drawn to the promise of unprecedented speeds — with the theoretical peak speed reaching up to 5 gigabits per second. That's around 50 times faster than your trusty old 4G. Imagine what you could do with that kind of speed — from real-time video streaming to immersive augmented reality experiences. 
However, the performance of a 5G router isn't solely defined by its speed. In reality, it's a complex web of hardware and software components working together that determines its performance. And speed, while important, is just one piece of this intricate puzzle. 

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Posted by Warren Cartwright on 02 February 2024

If you've ever purchased an AirLink Router, you've probably heard the request to ‘register your router’ more than once. You might have come across it while unboxing your router, during a chat with your reseller, or maybe even heard it straight from our sales team. 

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Posted by Shahar Feldman on 12 January 2024

Asset tracking used to be synonymous with mere theft prevention. Today, it's about weaving efficiency into the operational fabric of businesses. Innovations like the LoRa EdgeTM platform are enabling companies to: 

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