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LoRa Cloud™ Portal, Services and Pricing Model Overhauled

08 February 2022 / by Karthik Ranjan

Semtech_Blog_LoRa_Cloud_Portal_v1_02When our customers speak, we listen. This is why we’re excited to announce some major changes and improvements to LoRa Cloud™. Most of the changes have been made to increase the user-friendliness and content visualization, as well as the efficiency and practicality of the pricing plan. The platform and the new payment model was launched on February 7, 2022. Read on to learn more!

All New LoRa Cloud Services and Pricing Plan

The new LoRa Cloud home page has been revamped to provide more details on each of the services offered in addition to listing of pricing and a price calculator. Users will now have access to our newly-unified LoRa Cloud Modem & Geolocation Services, which was previously divided into LoRa Cloud Geolocation Services and LoRa Cloud Device & Application Services. In addition, LoRa Cloud Device Join has been renamed to LoRa Cloud Join Server.

LoRa Cloud Services

Former Name New Name
Geolocation Services Modem & Geolocation Services
Device & Application Services Modem & Geolocation Services
Device Join Join Server


We found that the former separate services perform better together, allowing our customers to optimize their LoRa Edge™ platform experience, improve user performance and access a wider range of use cases.

A Simpler Pay-Per-Use Model


  • LoRa Cloud Geolocation

    • Pre-paid purchase of buckets of APIs with overage costs. This requires customers to have to guess/predict in the previous month how many API calls they made. Feedback is that customers either underuse the number of APIs purchased or they have to pay a premium for not buying at a higher tier to get a lower price.

  • LoRa Cloud Device & Application Services / GNSS / GNSS + Wi-Fi

    • Monthly payment per registered device, where regardless of how many positioning calculations you make on the device or whether the device is used at all, you still pay a monthly fee per device.

  • LoRa Cloud Device Join

    • One-time-per-device payment for the lifetime of the device you claim and add to the LoRaWAN® network.

If you are currently using the legacy Geolocation Services, you will be required to modify your existing integrations with our services, although not immediately. We will maintain the legacy service for a period of approximately six months to give you time to complete the change. To assist you with the migration, please refer to the Migration Guide. You can always reach out to for assistance from Semtech.

For customers using LoRa Cloud Device & Application Services, no changes are required.

Now all services will be under a pay-per-use model:

  • LoRa Cloud Modem & Geolocation Services

    • Modem Services (including the clock synchronization and almanac updates) are free of charge. GNSS/Wi-Fi and TDOA/RSSI usage are chargeable on a pay-per-API (pay-per-use), where no matter the number of devices you have activated, you pay per API call (positioning calculation).

  • Advanced Transport Services (ATS)

    • This service contains the Large File Upload and Streaming with the Reliable Octet Stream Encoding (ROSE) protocol. This service is chargeable on per megabyte (MB) (pay-per-use) where no matter the number of devices you have activated, you only pay for total usage in aggregate calculated per MB of uploaded data which was delivered using the forward error correction feature.

  • LoRa Cloud Join Server

    • Pricing remains unchanged with a one-time cost per device claim. Once the device is claimed in your account, you can add it to any supported LoRaWAN network and perform device join any amount of times without incurring additional charges.

These updates will make accessing our solutions and leveraging the power of the LoRa Cloud an easier process. We will continue to focus on our customers’ experiences and improve our products and services based on their valuable feedback.

For the latest details of the new services and on how to make the transition, please visit the LoRa Cloud website where updated documentation is readily available.

You may also download detailed service overviews here:

VISIT LoRa Cloud

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Written by Karthik Ranjan


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