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PerSe Smart Sensing

Posted by David Wong on 15 November 2022

Laptop and tablet users want the same lightning-fast connections and long battery life as smartphone users. Whether they are on a video conference for work or playing a AAA game for fun, they expect nonstop performance — and their already-high expectations are only increasing with the emergence of new technologies and wireless protocols like 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E.

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Posted by Tee Lim on 09 August 2022

More than 80% of the world’s population, or 6.648 billion people, own a smartphone — and all of them emit a low-level of radio frequency (RF) radiation. In particular, 5G phones are designed with high-performance RF devices and contain an increased number of antennas to support the demand for more reliable connectivity and greater bandwidth.

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Posted by on 15 November 2021

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Semtech was founded in 1960 and has more than sixty years of semiconductor experience, with a focus on “innovation, size, efficiency, performance, and reach.” On October 27, 2021 the company launched its new PerSe® line of sensors. PerSe sensors, their name derived from the idea of Person Sensing, are designed for the consumer electronics market.

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Posted by David Wong on 28 October 2021

We are pleased to introduce our newest line of sensors, PerSe®, for the personal connected consumer market. Derived from the term, Person Sensing, the PerSe product line of sensors features three core product families – PerSe Connect, PerSe Connect Pro and PerSe Control. The sensors intelligently sense human presence near a mobile device and enable advanced Radio Frequency (RF) control when a user is in close proximity - delivering high quality connectivity and throughput, in smartphones, laptops and wearables while providing compliance with global safety standards

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Posted by David Wong on 29 October 2019

An independent investigation recently conducted by The Chicago Tribune revealed that some of the most popular cellphones might come with radio frequency (RF) radiation levels well above the legal safety limit. This finding has drawn public attention to cellphone RF safety and also prompted a follow up investigation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.

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