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Wash Water Bill Troubles Away with LoRa Technology

Posted by Corporate Marketing at Semtech on 07 November 2018

Water is one of the more expensive items on the utility bill – costing Americans on average $15-$77 per month. From the dishwasher and washing machine, to toilets and the shower, water use is unavoidable. At the same time, consumers all around the globe are aware of the need to conserve water in order to minimize environmental impact, prevent drought and create a more sustainable planet. A recent report from ABI Research indicates IoT smart city technologies could drive more than $20 trillion in economic benefits by 2026.

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Your Favorite LoRa Technology Blogs Revisited

Posted by Corporate Marketing at Semtech on 22 August 2018

Over the course of our blog series, we’ve had a few standouts that have resonated with you, our audience. These are blogs that were read, liked and shared the most. Just in case you missed out, we thought it would be worthwhile to revisit the most popular blogs.

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Tags: Internet of Things, Wireless RF, LoRa, Smart Homes

LoRa Technology: An Answer to Burning Questions in Smart Building Fire Prevention

Posted by Corporate Marketing at Semtech on 09 August 2018

The United States Fire Administration estimates that nearly $14.3 billion in property damage was lost to fires in the U.S. (2015). The vast majority of these fires are small commercial fires, which do the most property damage, and are the largest risk for human injury. These fires can spread in a number of minutes; so early detection is key to preventing property damage and loss of life.

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LoRa-enabled Smart Home Security Systems Serve as Deterrent for Burglars

Posted by Corporate Marketing at Semtech on 15 November 2017

According to a study published by and conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, enabling a home security system can decrease the likelihood your house will be targeted for burglary.

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Tags: LoRa, Smart Homes, Internet of Things, Wireless RF