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Gareth Heywood

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More than a Game: Pro AV for Esports

Posted by Gareth Heywood on 20 November 2019

The world of computer gaming has come a long way since those distant days of challenging friends to beat the Frogger high score on my TRS-80 32k color computer. Back then, I could only imagine the possibilities this next generation of computer technology would enable. If I recall, back then I also wanted to be a rock star… the next Paul Stanley (don’t laugh!). Fast forward to 2019, and thanks to the Internet and social media, in the heady world of gaming and esports, you can be a “rock star” or at least as famous as one.

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Semtech’s BlueRiver® and AVX Chipsets Impress Crowds at InfoComm

Posted by Gareth Heywood on 27 June 2019

Semtech has just returned from InfoComm 2019, professional AV’s most anticipated event of the year, which hosted more than 40,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibiting companies. Once again, the SDVoE Alliance™ booth was abuzz with interested visitors eager to learn more about Pro AV’s next step beyond the matrix switch. Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE™) solutions, enabled by Semtech’s BlueRiver® technology, were on full display with visitors being treated to many educational sessions from SDVoE Alliance representatives, as well as a head-to-head demonstration of the SDVoE-based solution versus the traditional matrix switch.

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BlueRiver® Technology: Enabling Medical AV Solutions with Surgical Precision

Posted by Gareth Heywood on 23 May 2019

Semtech’s BlueRiver® technology is transforming the matrix switch by delivering high fidelity and low latency AV solutions. These unique advantages are critical in medical applications such as surgery and accurate diagnosis. With BlueRiver-enabled Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE™) solutions, any video source up to 4K resolution is available anywhere at any time. Content from surgical scopes, X-ray and CT/MRI scans, patient records, and even custom signage and infotainment can be distributed via low cost 10G Ethernet networks to provide the most flexible medical AV systems.

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Broadcast Standards Don’t Matter in Pro AV. Here's Why.

Posted by Gareth Heywood on 09 April 2019

The Pro AV market continues to show strong growth with AV over IP and the move to replace traditional matrix switch technology with standard, off the shelf Ethernet infrastructure set to revolutionize the industry across multiple applications and verticals. By contrast, the broadcast equipment market has shown single-digit growth for a number of years as broadcasters are slow to adopt IP-based technology and the new workflows required to meet the changing demands of content consumers. Uncertainty remains around the cost and complexity of the switch from SDI-based systems to all-IP switching, along with slow adoption of over-the-air standards for 4K video.

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