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QSFP-DD Puts PAM4 Signaling in the Driver’s Seat

Posted by Matt Bolig on 19 February 2019

The dual-density version of the Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QFSP) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) module standard looks set to be the rule for new line-cards, following a raft of demonstrations and alpha module tests in 2018. The hidden message of the QSFP-DD craze is not the physical characteristics of the module itself, but what it says about the turn to advanced signaling methods. Half a decade ago, QSFP28’s arrival heralded the coming dominance of 25Gbps electrical channels using NRZ signaling. Now, QSFP-DD, and its larger cousin, the octal SFP or OSFP, use PAM4 signaling. This most often uses 50Gbps channels, but QSFP-DD is flexible enough to use eight-channel interfaces in a variety of implementations: 25G x 8 for 200Gbit Ethernet, 50G x 8 for 400Gbit Ethernet, and perhaps some early 100G x 8 for a pre-standard 800Gbit Ethernet.

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COBO: A Revolution in Embedded Optics, or a Partner to Pluggables?

Posted by Matt Bolig on 12 February 2019
Slow but steady advances were made in 2018 in on-board optical links for chip-to-chip and chip-to-module interfaces. The integrated-optics revolution, anticipated three years ago when the Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO), of which Semtech is an associate member, was launched, has been replaced by a realization that only slow migration from traditional pluggable modules will serve the data center, whether within a single line card or server blade, or between cards and racks. Even as recent as a year ago, COBO members began rethinking and changing their tune to stress coexistence of pluggable MSA modules and the embedded on-board modules chosen by COBO as a de facto standard.
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What's New in Signal Integrity: Reflections on #ECOC18

Posted by Semtech Corporate Marketing on 29 October 2018

The 44th installment of the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) Exhibition recently concluded in Rome, Italy. At the conference, Semtech featured several products for the critical hyper-scale data center and 5G wireless markets. The technologies demonstrated by Semtech from its diverse portfolio of Optical solutions include the ClearEdge® CDR platform for low-cost 25G SFP28 modules that will be an essential component of the 5G infrastructure build out. Additionally, Semtech demonstrated its new line of Tri-Edge™ CDRs and FiberEdge™ linear Physical Media Dependent (PMD) devices that will help drive current Cloud data center build outs.

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Seven IC Technologies You’ll Want to Include in Your Next Design

Posted by Semtech Corporate Marketing on 02 July 2018

Today’s consumers and enterprises demand the smartest, most-efficient, highest-performance electronics to enable efficiencies and strategic advantages within some of the fastest growing markets. Semtech’s wide range of innovative analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms provide just that. 

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