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Semtech Achieves AWS IoT Competency Status

LoRa, Internet of Things, AWS, Smart Connectivity

Cossette Palomino

Cossette Palomino

Partner Business Analyst, Semtech Corporation

We are pleased to announce that Semtech has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Competency status in the category of Technology for Edge. This designation recognizes Semtech’s cloud capabilities and demonstrates the company’s expertise in building innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. 

AWS designates IoT Competency status to AWS Partners that help organizations implement capabilities for a variety of use cases including (though not limited to) intelligent factories, smart cities, energy, automotive, transportation, and healthcare.  

“As the demand keeps growing for IoT Solutions, customers are looking for partners who understand how to deploy IoT solutions on AWS. Semtech is proud to have achieved the AWS IoT Competency by demonstrating our broad portfolio of IoT connectivity solutions and enabling customers to get to business outcomes faster by partnering with Semtech,” said Karthik Ranjan, IoT connected services partnership leader. 

As a recognized leader in IoT, Semtech is well-positioned to support its customers as a validated partner in creating robust, scalable, and secure IoT solutions that meet their unique business needs. Achieving the AWS IoT Competency differentiates Semtech as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that has demonstrated relevant technical proficiency and proven customer success. To receive the AWS IoT Competency designation, APN members must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.  

Semtech offers connectivity solutions across the board, covering LoRa® chipsets, as well as cellular connectivity, routers and modules. Semtech’s portfolio also includes LoRa solutions for geolocation offering an ultra-low-power chip-to-cloud solution compatible with AWS IoT Core Device Location. Semtech collaborates with partners and clients to architect and support the design of their IoT solutions, serving enterprise and public sector customers across the globe with solutions for utilities, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, and more, focused on the mission of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that enable a smarter, more connected, and more sustainable planet. 

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. 





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