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CES 2023: LoRa®-enabled Sensors Deliver on Smart Industry Promise

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Julie McGee

Julie McGee

Semtech's Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Officer

We’re grateful to be at CES 2023, where the momentum around solutions with Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard is incredibly strong. This morning, we had the pleasure of connecting with a wide range of customers, LoRa ecosystem partners and industry experts to discuss the powerful impact of low power, long range Internet of Things (IoT) technologies on enabling a smarter, greener and more resilient future for our planet. The journey to lower carbon emissions — and, more broadly, help the enterprise achieve its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals — is a cornerstone to Semtech’s innovation for a better world

For those of you unfamiliar, low power wide area networks, or LPWANs, is a category of connectivity networks used to deploy IoT. What makes them suited for the smart industry movement is their ability to transmit massive amounts of data across wide distances without requiring nearly as much power as other higher bandwidth networks. This means that lots of small amounts of data can be transmitted through dense walls in urban buildings or travel miles in remote locations from the sensor back to the management facility. In both scenarios the application or sensor can last on a single battery for more than 10 years — or be solar powered, for example, drastically lowering operational and maintenance costs.

We’re witnessing an incredible opportunity for LoRa this year, many of which are on display at CES. From smart homes and smart cities, to smart health care, industrial and more, LoRa-enabled sensing solutions are helping innovators solve the world’s biggest environmental and societal problems. In addition, Semtech is proud to announce its anticipated acquisition of Sierra Wireless, a world-renowned Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider.* This business combination unlocks incredible opportunity for smart industries and truly makes optimization through digitization a reality. The ultra-low power benefits of LoRa with the higher bandwidth capabilities of cellular unlocks a comprehensive, optimized and scalable IoT platform.  

In 2022, we saw a range of incredible LoRa-enabled solutions announced across the globe that tackle these macro challenges — such as climate change — head on. Examples include Exeger integrating LoRa Edge™ with solar cell technology for asset tracking, Intent Technologies helping real estate services lower carbon footprint in residential and commercial buildings with LoRa-enabled solutions, and Kiwi Technology introducing a fully autonomous gas metering unit with LoRaWAN. Further validation of the power of LoRa was TensorIoT, being awarded 2022 Regional Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sustainability Partner of the Year in North America. TensorIoT takes a Cloud-first approach to helping customers innovate and empower them on their sustainability journeys.

2023 promises to continue this momentum and be an exciting year for Semtech and the LoRaWAN ecosystem. This morning, at our Semtech and LoRa ecosystem reception, GetWireless announced a strategic partnership with Semtech to advance its LoRaWAN offering and drive market adoption. This collaboration is another example of our work to make IoT easy to source and deploy. Other new solutions and collaborators with us at CES include: 

  • Prescription Medication Management: Counted, a medication management provider, is leveraging LoRa to promote smart ways to prescribe, track and refill medication. With low-power, long range connectivity, Counted removes blind spots and data accessibility from prescription medication management. Each year, billions of medications aren’t taken as prescribed, and Counted gives patients, providers and distributors visibility into the medication’s lifecycle. 

  • Fire Detection: Dryad Networks, a provider of early forest fire detection and forest health monitoring, was on site to discuss its technology. Its wireless environmental sensor network with LoRaWAN allows agencies to monitor air quality from remote locations, facilitate wireless data transmission, and run the program battery-free for anywhere from 10 to 15 years.   

  • Water Conservation: Mueller Systems, a provider of intelligent water technology, uses LoRaWAN to empower municipalities to transform water systems. As cities look for ways to be smart, green and resourceful, Mueller’s IoT technology offers a new way to monitor and operate water distribution. Consumers benefit from greater intelligence and visibility provided by IoT that supports the prevention and management of issues before they arise. 

LoRa and LoRaWAN use cases can be found on the CES 2023 exhibitor floor. These applications are some of the most innovative, forward-looking and smartest technologies on display at this year’s show. We’re proud to be a part of the intelligent industry movement. Feel free to visit these booths today, including:  


*expected to be completed on or around January 12, 2023 

Semtech, the Semtech logo and LoRa are registered trademarks or service marks, and LoRa Edge is a trademark or service mark, of Semtech Corporation or its subsidaries. 

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