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22 November 2023 / by Tom Mueller

Tom Mueller

I am thrilled to unveil the refresh of our AirLink® router portfolio, designed to simplify the process for mission-critical organizations in search of their ideal cellular networking solution.

In this rapidly evolving age of 5G, edge computing, private networking, satellite and other emerging technologies, the connectivity requirements of mission-critical organizations have become more varied than ever – as have the available options.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to mission-critical networking solutions. For instance, while both a police vehicle streaming HD video on the highway and an oil and gas company monitoring remote pipeline infrastructure necessitate ultra-reliable connectivity, their router requirements vary significantly.

This is why we’ve revamped our portfolio, making it easier for you to find a suitable solution tailored to your unique needs.


Meet AirLink Pro Routers

The refreshed AirLink Pro Series now segments the portfolio into 3 distinct categories: Ultimate, Performance and Compact.

Airlink ProSeries - Social Banner-1

What do they have in common? All Pro routers are designed to operate reliably in harsh environments with high security and high performance. Pro routers come equipped with remote and real-time monitoring and access to expert technical support through our AirLink services.

Beyond their robust design, Pro routers cater to the diverse needs of mission-critical organizations:

  • Ultimate Routers, with their ultimate 5G and Wi-Fi performance and multi-network connectivity (through dual-active cellular radios), are ideal for complex, mission-critical applications requiring the highest performance and connectivity. They are ideal for applications such as passenger Wi-Fi in transit or HD video streaming in public safety.
  • Performance Routers strike the perfect balance between size, performance, and features. They include high-performance 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity to securely connect multiple devices and demanding applications in both fixed and mobile setups.
  • Compact Routers feature an ultra-compact size and ultra-low power consumption. They’re the perfect fit for installations in remote, harsh environments and solar energy or battery-powered applications.

If you come back to the examples I used earlier, our police vehicle streaming HD video on the highway would highly benefit from our Ultimate routers − to maintain high-speed connectivity − while our oil & gas company would certainly prefer the compact, ultra-low power routers to monitor their remote pipeline equipment.


A Better User Experience

To enhance the user experience further, we have also revamped our website and introduced a dynamic comparison tool. You can now compare different routers side-by-side and pick the one that best suits your unique needs in a snap.

The refreshed AirLink Pro router portfolio simplifies your selection process, letting you focus on what truly matters – your mission-critical operations.


Ready to find your perfect AirLink Pro Router?

Explore our refreshed router portfolio or contact us today at


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Tom Mueller

Written by Tom Mueller

Executive Vice President and General Manager IoT System Products Group


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