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Rethinking Routers: a Fresh Take

Internet of Things

David Markland

David Markland

Vice President, Airlink Networking Solutions | IoT System Products

With our company’s three plus decades of cellular expertise, millions of field-deployed devices, and a relentless drive to innovate, our family of routers have quite the history. From the early days of 2G, deep into the 5G era, two factors have consistently guided us: providing the ultimate in performance while ensuring longevity and reliability.

From the trailblazing XR series to the versatile RX55, we've introduced advanced 5G and 4G routers to the market. And let's not forget the favorites like the RV55 - a stalwart in the industrial sector - and MP70, a pioneer in mobile applications.


A Revamped Portfolio to Make it Clearer and Easier.

Chatting with you – our customers and partners – we realized picking the perfect router was turning into a bit of a head-scratcher. Too many options, too much jargon. We decided it was time for a change to simplify, streamline, and clarify.

Following the time-tested principle of “keep it simple”, we took our ruggedized router lineup and gave it a makeover. We’ve removed the clutter so our mission-critical customers have three clear choices – Pro Ultimate, Performance, and Compact. Meanwhile our enterprise customers can continue to rely on our Essential routers for their business-critical applications.

By focusing on the unique value each segment offers, we’ve made it easier to navigate our array of choices. We’ve replaced lengthy product descriptions with an intuitive, visually engaging comparison format to make it easier than ever to compare our products on our website.

By reducing the number of initial choices, we’ve highlighted our new-gen solutions for customers deploying new applications and services, while keeping favorites for existing customers who know and love them.

We're also already in the process of prepping the runway for our next-gen routers, and as we look to those, we've ensured they seamlessly integrate into our logical portfolio structure.

Your feedback - customers, sales teams, and resellers - was gold. It helped us understand what you really want from your routers and was instrumental in our revamp process.


Bottom Line?

Ultimately, everything we've done is aimed at making life easier for you – our customers and partners –who can now spend their saved time on more important endeavors.

So, no, this isn’t a product launch, it's a commitment to making your connection to the world simpler, smarter, and more seamless.

Feel free to take a spin on our updated website and see the difference, as we continue to evolve and innovate, always with you in mind.


Explore our refreshed Router Portfolio


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