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Seven Semtech ICs You’ll Want to Include in Your Next Design

02 July 2018 / by Semtech Corporate Marketing

Semtech_Blog_ShortformGuideToday’s consumers and enterprises demand the smartest, most-efficient, highest-performance electronics to enable efficiencies and strategic advantages within some of the fastest growing markets. Semtech’s wide range of innovative analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms provide just that. 

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In this blog, we’ll feature a sampling of Semtech’s cutting-edge platforms that deliver the more intelligent, more robust and more compact designs empowering next-generation electronics.

  1. RClamp®: Semtech Transient Voltage Suppressors safeguard circuits against damage or latch-up caused by electrostatic discharge, lightning and other destructive voltage transients. With formats for a wide range of applications such as USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI, LCD, 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet, RS232 and more, Semtech’s RClamp line is suitable for nearly any high-speed application requiring low capacitance.
    Market Applications: Automotive | Broadcast Video | Consumer Electronics | Enterprise Computing | Industrial | Internet of Things | Networking & Optical Communications
  2. LinkCharge® 20 Series: This new IC, a 20W mid-power (5W to 20W) wireless-charging transmitter chipset supports present and future fast charging protocols, and reduces system cost. The LinkCharge 20 series features flexible architecture which can be customized in order to wirelessly charge or continuously power devices through a physical layer, such as powering a surveillance camera through a window pane, or charging a phone through furniture. Additionally, LinkCharge 20 facilitates wireless charging of Internet-of-Things-connected objects, including LoRa®-based devices.
    Market Applications: Automotive | Consumer Electronics | Industrial | Internet of Things

  3. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Sensors: Semtech’s Ultra-Low Power Smart Proximity Sensors for SAR enable accurate discrimination between an animate objection and human body, protecting consumers from electromagnetic radiation sources in electronic devices. Semtech offers the world’s first dual channel capacitive SAR controller, helping manufacturers easily meet stringent emission regulations criteria and SAR standards.
    Market Applications: Consumer Electronics | Enterprise Computing

  4. Neo-Iso™: The Neo-Iso platform is an isolated intelligent power switch product family that is optimized to enhance smart home internet of things (IoT) applications and HVAC systems. The compact Neo-Iso switches make it possible for low-power microcontrollers to control high voltage loads in a system. Reporting of fault conditions from the switch to the controller enables system responses resulting in a safer, more efficient operation.
    Market Applications: Automotive | Industrial | Internet of Things

  5. ClearEdge® CDR: The ultra-low power, high-performing ClearEdge® CDR (clock data recovery) is engineered for next-generation data centers and enterprise network infrastructures. Semtech’s ClearEdge CDR platform has achieved widespread adoption for 100G applications and is now enabling next-generation 100G solutions focused on lower cost.
    Market Applications: Enterprise Computing | Networking & Optical Communications

  6. LoRa Picocell Gateway: The LoRa long range wireless picocell gateway facilitates indoor IoT deployments for such applications smart homes, smart businesses and smart buildings. Semtech’s design is accelerating the adoption of IoT technology by bringing low cost LoRaWAN®-based networks to market for consumers and private enterprises. This reference design offers a USB interface for low power gateway designs and connects thousands of sensors in a building or residential community within a range of one mile for outdoor sensor connectivity.
    Market Applications: Consumer Electronics | Industrial | Internet of Things | Networking & Optical Communications

  7. UHD-SDI: An innovator of SDI technology, Semtech was first to market with an array of advanced UHD-SDI solutions, and now leads the way in proven UHD-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI technologies. Semtech’s UHD-SDI gearbox is a fully standards compliant turnkey solution enabling a simplified UHD-SDI interface
    Market Applications: Broadcast Video

Semtech offers a wide range of product platforms with variations to fit your unique design challenges. For a catalog of Semtech’s premier solutions, download our latest Short Form Product Catalog.

View all Semtech collateral by market application within our Design Resources.


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