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The Future of Wireless Home Appliances

12 November 2018 / by Semtech Corporate Marketing

LinkCharge_40w_Web_1000x563Semtech’s LinkCharge® wireless charging platform has long been cutting cables and providing the means to charge your devices on the go, free from being tethered to a wall. Traditionally wireless charging has been limited to small, low power devices such as electric toothbrushes, and recently, smartphones. However, with the release of the new LinkCharge 40 for 40W applications, Semtech has brought wireless charging capabilities to a much wider range of higher-powered devices.

How it Works

Wireless power transfer is, essentially, a transformer. Current is provided to a primary coil which produces an electromagnetic (EM) field. In this field, a secondary coil is placed. The EM field induces a current into the secondary coil, providing power to whatever it is connected to. A transmitter will only provide power when a receiver is present, and only produce the amount of power requested by the receiver - the receiver can detect how much power is necessary depending on the attached device. Current to the receiver ceases instantly when a device is removed or foreign object detected. Additionally, if the receiver requires no further power, such as when a battery is fully charged, it can request no further power be sent, and the transmitter will reduce its output accordingly.

Revolutionizing Home Appliances

LinkCharge’s design and evaluation boards for 40-watt wireless charging opens the door to high-power devices such as battery powered tools, computer tablets and laptops, mid-size household appliances including kitchen equipment, and automatic vacuum cleaners. The new LinkCharge would allow your appliances to operate entirely without wires, freeing up room around the house.

LinkCharge in the kitchen could look a bit like the wireless charging spots at some coffee shops today, only they would be on your countertops. One would only need to retrieve their toaster or blender and place atop the LinkCharge enabled spot to be able to activate the appliance - no cords or plugs necessary. The spot only provides power when a receiving device is present, meaning the spots are just as safe as the rest of your countertop.

While LinkCharge 40 is capable of charging devices at 40W, it is also backwards compatible and capable of charging smartphone at either 5W or fast charge power levels. This allow users to charge a smartphone on the same transmitter that is also used for higher power 40W devices.

LinkCharge 40 is the newest addition to the LinkCharge platform, which includes wireless charging solutions for low power (<5W) devices, such as wearables, and medium power (10W - 20W) devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Watch this video for a brief overview of the LinkCharge LP platform for low-power device wireless charging:

Download the LinkCharge 40 User Guide to learn more about this groundbreaking new technology

Download the User Guide


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