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Become a LoRaWAN Expert at The Things Conference

10 January 2019 / by Laurens Slats, Community Manager, The Things Network

TTN Blog Main imgSince the introduction by Semtech of its LoRa® devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) and inception, in February 2015, of the LoRaWAN® protocol, hundreds of organizations have committed to using the open standard. Over 500 companies have joined the LoRa Alliance™, a non-profit association committed to developing and promoting LoRaWAN, which is revolutionizing the way we connect things to the Internet.

To meet the increasing demand for LoRaWAN-based products, The Things Network is organizing The Things Conference, the world’s largest LoRaWAN conference that brings together over 2,000 Internet of Things (IoT) developers, innovators and integrators to Amsterdam on January 31 and February 1.

Wienke Giezeman, Initiator of The Things Network explains: “The world is screaming for LoRaWAN experts, capable of creating the next generation of connected solutions. At The Things Conference, ideas are shared, experts are born and partnerships are built.”

At The Things Conference, the global LoRaWAN developer ecosystem and businesses will come together to share knowledge about the hard bits of IoT development, including the challenging development cycles and the common mistakes that can eat up time, money and resources. Content will be provided to learn how to mitigate risks during your LoRaWAN-based development. IoT is not a fairy tale, it is hard work, persistence and risk.

The Things Conference
January 31 and February 1, 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Semtech is the Platinum Sponsor of The Things Conference

The Things Network has teamed up with Semtech to involve the core creators of Semtech’s LoRa Technology to share their story and insights into upcoming developments.

Nicolas Sornin

Nicolas Sornin, an Inventor of LoRa Technology and Semtech Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas will kick-off The Things Conference with a personal story on how the technology was created, how it developed over time and how Nicolas believes it will develop in the future.

Alistair Fulton

Alistair Fulton, Vice President & General Manager, Semtech Wireless and Sensing Products Group

Alistair will discuss the evolution of the IoT market and the role of LoRaWAN. He will focus on the role Semtech will play in enabling developers to build solutions that delight customers and deliver tangible return on investment, alongside building an ecosystem which has LoRaWAN positioned as the de facto choice for IoT.

Richard Lansdowne

Richard Lansdowne, Senior Director, Cloud Services, Semtech Wireless and Sensing Products Group

Richard will review how Semtech is leveraging services to break down the complexities of bringing key solutions to a much broader audience, lowering both the barriers to entry as well as the costs. He will also report on lessons learned from a year of offering developers instant, free access to hybrid and fusion geolocation solutions.

David Armour

David Armour, Strategic Marketing Manager, Semtech Wireless and Sensing Products Group

David will highlight the features and advantages of each LoRa IC in the SX12XX platform and how to select the best match for your application.

LoRaWAN is here to stay! Let’s build the market together.

Join The Things Conference on January 31 and February 1 in Amsterdam.

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