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Answering Your Questions from the AWS Asset Tracking Kit Webinar

21 October 2020 / by Pierre Gelpi

Answering Your Questions from the AWS Asset Tracking Kit Webinar

In August, 2020, Semtech, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and TensorIoT announced its collaboration on two Internet of Things (IoT) kits for LoRaWAN® networks: (1) Smart Building (2) Asset Tracking. The kits accelerate the development of smarter, more efficient solutions for Enterprises and Systems Integrators by making use of LoRaWAN connectivity with the integration of AWS’s leading IoT services. The kits accelerate the development of simple, effective IoT applications for Smart Building and Asset Tracking use cases through the use of the LoRaWAN® protocol and AWS IoT Cloud services based on a flexible serverless architecture.

The Asset Tracking Kit allows users to locate outdoor assets around a specific location, including performing a regular automated inventory of assets that are available on site. For large-scale shipping and logistics use cases, this enables optimization of processes and resource saving to cut cost. With the data generated by the GPS industrial trackers included with the kit easily viewable on a Cloud dashboard, customers can evaluate the possible benefits of tracking asset location down to the individual pallet, container or vehicle with an out-of-the-box kit. This includes monitoring through the supply chain from manufacturer to end-user, including while in transit.

To understand how the kits simplify IoT development with Semtech’s LoRa® devices, the companies hosted two recent webinars, which are available to watch on-demand on the Semtech videos page.

Highlights from the Webinar Q&A Session

In a previous blog, we answered some of the top questions from the Smart Building Kit webinar; in this blog, we will focus on the Q&A received in the Asset Tracking Kit webinar. Below, I answer some of these questions with Ravi Raghunathan, CEO of TensorIoT, and Karthik Ranjan, LoRaWAN Ecosystem Leader at AWS.

What is the range of LoRaWAN networking?

Pierre Gelpi, Semtech: Range varies based on a number of conditions. As an extreme example, one can implement direct line-of-sight LoRaWAN communication with satellites to offer more than 400 miles of coverage using 25mW transmission power. For a standard use case here on Earth, it depends on the installation and the environment. A small indoor gateway will cover hundreds of meters around the building and inside the surrounding buildings. In a dense city, an outdoor gateway installed on a rooftop will cover a few miles. In rural areas, this same gateway installed on a pylon will cover tens of miles.

For the webinar’s demo use case, how many gateways are used?

Pierre Gelpi, Semtech: In the demo, each endpoint had its own gateway for a total of three. However the kit includes one outdoor gateway. It allows the testing of LoRaWAN coverage on your particular site and the tracking of outdoor assets. In the event one gateway is not sufficient to cover a single site, such as in an advanced use case or multiple sites, one can deploy and aggregate several gateways on the same dashboard.

Does the kit show only current location or location history, and what are the update intervals?

Ravi Raghunathan, TensorIoT: One can track location and history. Update intervals are configurable, though the default update frequency is every 30 minutes. There are five possible frequency settings from every five minutes to every hour.

Which regions and frequencies does the kit support?

Pierre Gelpi, Semtech: There are currently two versions available, one for Europe at the 868MHz band, and one for the U.S. at 915MHz. However, customers interested in supporting other regions can procure the hardware directly from the supplier and engage in a consulting agreement with TensorIoT to support the Cloud dashboard from another region. We will also consider releasing kits targeted at additional regions based on customer demand.

If one buys the kit, how long is service available?

Ravi Raghunathan, TensorIoT: Cloud dashboard service is included with the kit purchase for the included sensors without additional subscription costs. At the moment, there is no planned limit to the service.

Is the kit available in the AWS device portal, and what is its size and price?

Karthik Ranjan, AWS: Both the Asset Tracking and Smart Building Kits are available on the AWS device catalog. The price of each kit varies by retailer, but is approximately $1500 USD. The kit’s size is 10.7 x 5.2 x 2.7cm.

Where can one purchase the kits?

Karthik Ranjan, AWS: The kits are available for purchase from Digi-KeyMouser and

Which company is providing the kit hardware?

Ravi Raghunathan, TensorIoT: Browan Communications is providing both the gateway and the trackers included in the kit.

For additional purchase information, set-up guides and more for both the Asset Tracking and Smart Building Kits, visit the TensorIoT website.


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Written by Pierre Gelpi


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